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Zeno Bench  PRO sound with set of resistance bands
Zeno Bench  PRO sound side profile with speaker
Zeno Workout Bench PRO Sound
Zeno Workout Bench PRO Sound
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Zeno Workout Bench PRO Sound

Bring the gym experience home with our all-in-one resistance workout bench. Includes our app that shows you how to perform over 100+ workouts.

Regular price $949.00


Our home workout bench can be used for a variety of exercises from bench press to glute raises. Made with high-density foam, they provide a stable surface while the anti-slip layer on the base ensures the bench stays in position while you train. Perform over 50 exercises with our patent-pending design and the perfect item for in-home workouts.

Included Equipment:

3 x Pairs of Bands (50 lbs, 20 lbs, 10 lbs)
2 x Handles
1 x Ankle Strap
6 x D-rings for Resistant Band Attachments
1 x Bench
1 x Accessories Bag


Whether it’s leg day, chest day, or anything in between, Zeno Bench PRO Sound can help you emphasize the exercises that will let you reach your goals. Choose from 50+ exercises that the workout bench makes easy, using whichever level of difficulty fits your needs.

image of model demonstrating overhead tricep extension with workout bench, resistance bands, and handle attachments.